Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our newest game.....

We've been playing a new game here at our house, and it's brought us much joy and entertainment to our lives. This game is called "Quick, what's the baby saying?"

At first, it didn't quite catch on with the other kidlets in the house, I got some silly fluff answers from them like "All the baby does is cry, how can she be saying anything?" So I had to teach them the game. Our new little bundle is very expressive in her face....she smiles and pouts and makes all sorts of cute gestures. So I started "talking" for her.

While sitting in her carseat sleeping, she had one of her little hands raised over her head in a fist. She "said" in her sweet little voice, "Baby power! I've got it now! This whole house is now under my supreme control!"

With her lip stuck out and a very sound "wah!" she says, "Hello?!?!?! How does a baby get something to eat around here?" or she says "Hey, Ma! I've got a present in my diaper for you!"?

So the kids have started playing along too, and we are all really enjoying the game. While nodding off after a feeding yesterday, my big girl doing her best baby sister voice said, "I'm too lazy to burp! I think I must sleep now and barf on you later." And then made a song about it.

And the younger girl interjected with her own monologue of the baby's thoughts on clothes and socks yesterday. "I like to wear pink and only pink. Pink in the morning, pink at night. And I don't like to wear socks. I like to kick off my sockies."

Yep. A game to tide us over until the baby gets a voice and a mind of her own. Heaven help us all.

*Update* I am removing the picture from this post because I believe that people are coming onto the blog and "stealing" it. I don't want my baby's pic everywhere doing who knows what. This post gets twice as many hits as any other of my posts on a given day, and I believe it is because of the picture. Too bad.


Liz said...

Love the game. You should match the sayings with pictures.


Anna said...

Yes... then you have to deal with the kids asking you what other babies are "saying." Sometimes my kids ask me what the plants are "saying?!" OY!!!

Sounds like a blast!!!

qwerty said...

What about the fact that she hates Paisely!! You should include a picture of the concerned look abuout how much paisely is in your house

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I love it!