Monday, April 26, 2010

Things that make my heart flip flop...

These are just a few things that make my heart do a flip flop.....

....watching my oldest take off down the street on her own......

...finishing off a project, stitching within it over 2 decades of pent up love and prayers for a sibling....
...and stitching those words, right on the inside....

...going out to the garden, and seeing that in just a couple more weeks, I will be tasting what we've been growing......

...and watching my baby girl test driving her very first pair of high heel shoes.

What makes your heart do a little flip flop when you see it?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bathing Suit Season.

Otherwise titled...... "Fat thighs are only cute when you are 2"Seriously, I've never seen anything like those thighs. Well, maybe I have.....on an adult. And THAT is NOT cute.

The Little Apple is WAY cuter with cellulite pouring out of her bathing suit. Are you ready for bathing suit season?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jam Sessions....


Last spring, I totally missed Strawberry Season, as it comes so stinkin' early here in Louisiana. I had totally spaced out the fact that strawberries grow for just a short amount of time, and by the time I THOUGHT that they should be in season here....they were long gone.
My kids were forced to eat (gulp!) store bought jam. And they tolerated it. But that's all they did, no devouring with recklessness that I am accustomed to.
This year, I was NOT going to miss Strawberry Season. NOT NOT NOT!
I didn't miss it. First chance I got, I bought 2 flats at a strawberry stand on the way home from New Orleans. We made jam....and promptly gave it all away to friends, neighbors, co-workers, and therapists. I went back and bought another flat thinking that SURELY we would have enough. Nope. We ended up EATING quite a few of the jars that we made from that flat....on top of yogurt, ice cream, in hot oatmeal, and on toast and pb & j sandwiches. My husband managed to somehow consume TWO jars of jam and half a loaf of bread in one sitting on one night. I ventured back to the strawberry stand this week, and picked up 3 flats of berries this time. I weighed them....3 flats is about 37.4 pounds of sweet goodness.

So we've been processing those berries into jam. The whole family. How cute is this? I especially love The Big Apple who swiped my do-rag and wore it on her own head. The Daddy Apple was my berry washer, and jar prep guy. The Middle Apple is an expert at capping and slicing berries. Who would have thought that she would be so gifted with a knife and egg slicer?The Big Apple found her talent in the smashing and measuring department.

The Little Apple helped us by taking a nap....and eating whatever berries anyone would pass to her when she opened her mouth like a baby bird. The word "strawberry" I believe is her first 3-syllable word that she was able to say clearly...unless you want to count "Ah-where-cah" which is how she proununces America while singing "God Bless America"

Anyway...when all is said and done, the jam was jarred and it tastes fantastic, and everyone had a feeling that they had been a part of something. If you are interested in a jar of fresh jam, it will be sold this weekend in Franklin at the Black Bear and Birding Festival

as a fundraiser for a sweet sweet girl (sweeter than jam!) who was accepted to the John Robert Powers Performing Arts Academy in New Orleans. She 13 and is GOING PLACES. We were more than happy to donate some of our jam to her training. Break a leg, Nini!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Field Trip to the Sheriff's Office.....

Last week, I was involved in a very tiny accident with Homer (my mom-mobile). Everyone is fine, and Homer only sustained a little scratch that was easily buffed out.

This morning, I told The Apples that we were taking a Field Trip to the Police Department, to pick up the police report. I asked that they be on their best behavior, and that when we left, I was going to ask them what they learned from the Sheriff's Office.

When we left the office (after being redirected to 3 different locations and quite a bit of confusion as to who actually responded to the accident and where the accident report was filed) I said, "It only counts as a Field Trip if you learned something today. Tell me one thing that you learned."

The Big Apple responded "Don't park illegally behind somebody." (Referring to the other vehicle)

Excellent point.

"What about you, (insert Middle Apple's name)? What did you learn?

"Taking trips to the Sheriff's Office aren't much don't get your van in an accident."

Thanks for the reminder, kids.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has arrived....

I've wanted to blog...I really have....but so many good things have been happening that it's almost unrealistic that it's me it's happening to.'s a recap in pictures of what we've been up to these last few weeks.....

I got to attend the concert of a lifetime.... Michael W. Smith....and managed to somehow be blessed with front row seats. We took a trip to trip to Florida.....and dove right in.... (yes, it was cold!)
And played games.....
And reunited with long lost siblings....
We had a long stream of birthdays.....

The Little Apple turned 2!
And the Middle Apple turned 7, and wanted her birthday to be at the Hibachi Grill.
The Nephew #1 turned 9 while he was visiting us.
We've flown kites.....
And published a book! (and had visitors from Florida too!)
We have done much hiking and site seeing!
Made new friends.... even ones with many many teeth!
We've dyed eggs.
Did I mention that the local strawberries are ripe? And did I mention that they are delicious?
Speaking of delicious, the coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans are just as fantastic as everyone says they are. You really should try them sometime.
Oh....and a new Super Hero was created today. Just sayin'......

Would you believe that we are tired from all that's been happening?