Saturday, October 30, 2010

All for One! And one for all!

I created the costumes for this year, I might just take the easy way out and head to the store and purchase them...because I kind of went overboard this year.

I found yards and yards of gorgeous soft velvety type fabric at a yard sale a couple of months ago for a couple of dollars. And from that....Barbie Three Musketeers was born.

I scoured the internet for directions first, and came across a gem of a blog. Brown Paper Packages gave directions for how to easily create each piece of the costume, including the genius creation of Musketeer boots made out of Duck Tape.
It was a ton of work, but totally worth it. Don't you think?

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And the relatives came.....(part 3, Avery Island)

The following day, we piled in the vehicles as we headed over to Avery Island, home of the Tabasco Factory, and some of the most beautiful landscape that Louisiana has to offer.

We took the tour of the Tabasco Factory.
Cleared our sinus' for the next 10 years smelling the stuff as it fermented.
Admired the gorgeous trees on the island....
We hunted up a few gators....But you won't see us on an episode of Swamp People.
We did some hiking around the island. And just when the children were tired enough....
....we did even more hiking.
The doors to the Buddha Temple were open that day, I had never seen it open.

Unfortunately, the egrets weren't at the nesting spot as usual. I'm used to seening the hundreds of egrets out on their little dock on the island. But we were told that they had migrated for the season.

Monday, October 25, 2010

And the relatives came.....part 2, The Bell Tower

After we took the kids to see Mr. Charlie, we took a break for lunch and at McD's, and let the little Monsterlings run around for awhile.

Then I took them to see the Bell Towers. (pardon the dated's the most current one I could find. The website states that it's been closed since 2004, but I know for a fact that it's wide open and available to the public!) It's a gorgeous little spot that we have been too frequently.

There is a pretty little walking trail where you can observe the wild birds, see large Cyprus trees growing
and play with enormous "man-eating grasshoppers" (at least that is what the Middle Apple calls them.
I love listening to the bells chiming their welcome to us.
"playing" the bells.....

After the Bell Towers, we came home and played Wii, gave the Little Apple a nap, rode bikes, and roller skated. It was such a fun and FULL day.

And the relatives came.....(part 1) The Mr. Charlie

It's always a special time when relatives come to visit.....I think, (and I believe the rest of the family will agree with this statement) that the worst part about being in the military is that visits with family are just too few and far between.

Our honorary guests this weekend were our relatives from MN, Uncle S., Auntie K., and CD Monsterling (their choice nickname for my nephew! I love how it sounds like an awesome Rap Artist name!) , who drove cross country by RV to see us just for the weekend. We felt so special that they would come so far to see us on one of the very few weekends that they have available together as a family.

We had a great time, and we showed them some of our favorite places around here in Louisiana. We wish that they could have stayed longer. But without further are some pics from our adventures.

On their first day here, we decided to take them to see what I think is a little known about gem here in Morgan City. The Mr. Charlie Oil Rig
The Mr. Charlie claims to be the only place in the world where the general public can walk aboard an offshore drilling rig. Our tour guide, Virgil, is a great guy, loves kids, and has tremendous knowledge of offshore drilling and environmental aspects that pertain to it. Entering the inside quarters of the rig....the kids got to try to open the hatch door.
Learning about a jack-up rig in the Rec Room on the rig.

Checking out the goodies (and sampling!) that there are to eat on a rig. Looking out over our city.
Here's a view of the deck where the magic happens.....
Practicing with a tripod lift...used to lift people out of vertical hatches.
As a bonus treat, Virgil grabbed a wrench and opened up a diving bell for the kids to climb in. They thought it was pretty darn cool!
The Middle Apple practicing her swing. (My personal favorite pic of the day. Thanks for manning the camera, Uncle S., my hands were too full of The Little Apple that day!)

If you haven't visited the Mr. Charlie before, you really should. Every time we go, we learn something new. Ask for Virgil to do your tour. He's awesome.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Moment I Will Never Forget....

Someone recently asked about the title of my blog, so I thought that I would write a little bit about it. My Blog Title, "In Moments Like These" was inspired by a song I heard in college, a reminder that every moment that we have is special and unique, a gift from God to be cherished and treasured and remembered. The second part of the title "living every moment for Christ, no regrets" was inspired by a bumper sticker that I used to have on my sweet, run-down little Ford Escort that was my very first car. That bumper sticker pretty much sums up what I would like to say about my life. I'm sold out for Jesus....and I don't regret it. I probably haven't done the most excellent job of "living EVERY moment" for Him, but I do my best.

My husband and I this past weekend, got to experience an unforgettable moment, that came in the form of a concert . A very special concert. For those that know me best, they know that I have been a Michael W. Smith fan since the age of 15. For you math wizards out there....that's 20 years, folks. Dang, I'm getting old....but um....his music isn't. A few months ago, I had the rare treat to share a MWS concert with my mother in her home church. And I didn't think that it could get any better than having front row seats, which is where my mom and I sat that night.

Until last Saturday.Somehow....and I'm still not exactly sure how, we ended up in the pit at the 2010 Make a Difference Tour with MWJ, Toby Mac, Jason Gray, and Third Day at the Cajundome. I remember purchasing the tickets to the show online the day that they went up for sale, and clicked the "Best Available" option within a certain price range (it wasn't the upper end price range either) and paying for the tickets that day. Then the tickets layed on my desk for the next 2 months.

The night of the show...we hired a sitter, and having never ever left The Little Apple to be put to bed by someone other than a blood relative, we headed out the door. You can imagine the surprise on my face as we kept moving further and further forward into the Dome, and still not finding our seats. We finally asked someone for help finding our seats. He responded, "The reason you can't find your seats is because you don't have seats. You're in the pit. Here's your bracelets."

Um....excuse me? In the pit? Sir....I'm like 35 years old....I really don't think I belong in the pit at a Christian Rock Concert.

It was really an awesome might have even knocked about 10 years off my age. Maybe 20. Because I sure felt like 15 again dancing in the pit. Actually, he performed a song from about that long ago, too.

This guy only had to show up once to our section of the pit......I can't imagine why. But I had to take his picture anyway.

And I got to shake the hand of the guy that wrote and performed the songs that helped me through the darkest and brightest moments of my life.

And it's the Moments Like These that I never ever want to forget.