Monday, October 25, 2010

And the relatives came.....(part 1) The Mr. Charlie

It's always a special time when relatives come to visit.....I think, (and I believe the rest of the family will agree with this statement) that the worst part about being in the military is that visits with family are just too few and far between.

Our honorary guests this weekend were our relatives from MN, Uncle S., Auntie K., and CD Monsterling (their choice nickname for my nephew! I love how it sounds like an awesome Rap Artist name!) , who drove cross country by RV to see us just for the weekend. We felt so special that they would come so far to see us on one of the very few weekends that they have available together as a family.

We had a great time, and we showed them some of our favorite places around here in Louisiana. We wish that they could have stayed longer. But without further are some pics from our adventures.

On their first day here, we decided to take them to see what I think is a little known about gem here in Morgan City. The Mr. Charlie Oil Rig
The Mr. Charlie claims to be the only place in the world where the general public can walk aboard an offshore drilling rig. Our tour guide, Virgil, is a great guy, loves kids, and has tremendous knowledge of offshore drilling and environmental aspects that pertain to it. Entering the inside quarters of the rig....the kids got to try to open the hatch door.
Learning about a jack-up rig in the Rec Room on the rig.

Checking out the goodies (and sampling!) that there are to eat on a rig. Looking out over our city.
Here's a view of the deck where the magic happens.....
Practicing with a tripod lift...used to lift people out of vertical hatches.
As a bonus treat, Virgil grabbed a wrench and opened up a diving bell for the kids to climb in. They thought it was pretty darn cool!
The Middle Apple practicing her swing. (My personal favorite pic of the day. Thanks for manning the camera, Uncle S., my hands were too full of The Little Apple that day!)

If you haven't visited the Mr. Charlie before, you really should. Every time we go, we learn something new. Ask for Virgil to do your tour. He's awesome.

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