Monday, June 29, 2009

A Blogger Vacation....

It's been a very busy couple of weeks....thus the title of this post. I've been on a very busy Bloggy Vacation. Here are some highlights......

My Dad came to visit. And he is a World Champion player at Pretty Pretty Princess. You have to admit, that it takes a very special kind of guy that is willing to dress up in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crown....but he'd do anything for his granddaughters.

Not only did he play dress up with the girls, he mowed the lawn, installed cabinet locks on all my cabinets, and did all kinds of other handy man projects around my house. I was happy to have him here.

Then we took a trip to Florida for some sun and fun.

There was plenty of swimming....
The Big Apple really got the hang of swimming this summer. She really enjoyed the pool and we tried to get out there to swim every day.

There was some chillin' out with Geeya....
There was splashing....
And dancing....
The girls were flower girls in a wedding, and their cousin the ring bearer. I was the wedding planner, my sister was the florist.
We took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth....Where someone had her very first driving lesson.

And new best friends were made.
And now that my bloggy vacation is over, I am pooped. But ready for some more summer fun.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Heard at out house....

"That's a picture of Mama and daddy, before they went on their honeymoon. A honeymoon is when you go to the moon, and it's filled with honey and gingerbread."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Somebody's been playin' in the bathroom!

Once upon a time, there was a messy bathroom. The mommy searched all over to find out where the mess came from.

The mess couldn't have come from the princess with the fat backrolls, could it??!?!? No! Never! The Little Apple is a perfect angel and would NEVER make such a mess in the bathroom!
Or would she?!?!?!?!?
And now we know why the mommy goes to bed tired every single night.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Crawfish Boilin'

We've had the wonderful opportunity to attend a few crawfish boils since moving here.

Before I moved here, when I thought of crawfish, I would shiver...totally get the heebie jeebies! So weird. The only experience that I had ever had with crawfish growing up was seeing my brother bringing home a bucket of them from the creek near our house in Virginia. He decided to drop them in the fishtank that was kept in my bedroom. Sometime during the night, those crawfish managed to climb the tube to the fishtank filter and escape the tank. The next morning, screams were heard throughout the house, as discoveries of those miniture lobster looking creatures were the bathroom, downstairs in the kitchen, under beds. To this day, there are 2 crawfish still unaccounted for.

But now, I am learning to have a new appreciation for crawfish. The kind you boil. Not the kind you keep as pets.

For the latest boil that we went to, I decided that I was craving some blueberry cobbler, and asked the girls to help make it. Humph....kid cooks are great cooks, but usually the cleanup is a doozie.
When you first arrive at the boil, the first thing you must do is find yourself a beverage of choice. Mine is always Diet Coke. The very next thing you must do is check out the cooler full of specimens that are to be cooked.
And the first thing you must do if you are a kidlet upon arriving at a crawfish boil is play with your food----before it's cooked.
I think what I love about crawfish boils the most, is the atmosphere. The air smells great, people sitting around relaxing and chatting. The kids running around getting filthy and shrieking. Someone usually wisks my Little Apple away, and she is happy and content playing with new people while I enjoy visiting grown ups for a little while. And of course, who doesn't love it when the guys do all the cooking?
When it's time to eat, it's really time to eat. And when you think you are full enough to pop, you loosen your top button on your pants and fill your tray again. My dad, who is visiting from Florida, had the honor of attending this boil, and was brave enough to try a crawfish. I had to peel it for him. He said that his lips were on fire. Which I think is an insane thought. Insane because The Big Apple, who is only 7, ate a huge amount of crawfish. And The Little Apple spent most of the meal whining at me because I wasn't peeling her crawfish fast enough for her to eat. The rule is at a crawfish boil, if you are old enough to eat them, you are old enought to peel your own. I am afraid that The Little Apple would just eat the thing shell and all, so I peeled hers for her. Next year, she's on her own.

The Big Apple peeled her own. Her little friend across the table peeled some for her too. Just because. Love her.
And then there's the Middle Apple, who just doesn't care for much unless it's carbs and fruit. Well, she got her wish. As many hamburger buns, watermelon, cobbler, birthday cake, and icecream as she could hold. I have said this before, and I will say it again. I just love living in Louisiana, I hope that we will get to stay here for a while. I feel like I've found my place and am fitting in nicely.

We start 'em young 'round here!

The sweet Little Apple decided to assist me in doing the dreaded laundry. Here she is loading the machine.

And apparently, the laundry room seconds as an entertainment room, because I found several pictures like this one:I guess that watching things get soapy and then spinning is interesting. Go figure.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heard at my house....

Me: "What would you like for breakfast this morning?"
The Middle Apple: "I would like a sandwich."
Me: "What kind of sandwich?"
The Middle Apple: "A doughnut sandwich. With rainbow sprinkles."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A creative writing assignment...

I gave The Big Apple a creative writing assignment this afternoon, and when I read it, I could not help but share it. I am posting it here, including all spelling errors and punctuation.

The story prompt was "In came Kate's big birthday surprise! What was Kate's big surprise?"

Kate's surprise was a birthday cake! When Kate's mom cut the cake, a whale fell on top of it! Then the whale squirted a fish out of his nostol! Then the whale farted! P.U.!

D.J. said it was a big, fat, stinky cake. Evrybody laughed! It was stinky!

Somebody kicked the whale and told it to go home. It didn't move. "MOVE!" she yelled. It still didn't move. "Do you mean I like to move it move it?" said D.J.

"No!" she said.

"Uh oh!" said Jennifer. "Hold your ears!" It's about to pop one of the birthday balloons.


Evrywhere went prizes! (Like candy and toys) Then someone threw a fireball at the whale. Then it got insinerated.

The End.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer...

Our summer has kicked off and is already in full swing. We've got all kinds of fun and games going on around here.... even on the rainy days.

Reading lessons... The Apples are enrolled in the summer reading program at the library and are having a blast reading together.
Science Lessons....The girls built ocean habitats for some of their Littlest Pet Shops with homemade playdough.
Physical Education... the girls really enjoy running around at the Spray Park and taking trips to the park.

More Physical Education... chasing The Little Apple should be an Olympic Sport. The Little Apple has accomplished so much in the past few weeks with the hard work of her therapists who wear her out.
Recess... the girls get some well deserved down time, they earn screen time by completing chores, doing assignments, or going above and beyond the call of daughterhood in courtesy and manners. They prefer the Wii or stealing my computer. More summer fun to come!