Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A creative writing assignment...

I gave The Big Apple a creative writing assignment this afternoon, and when I read it, I could not help but share it. I am posting it here, including all spelling errors and punctuation.

The story prompt was "In came Kate's big birthday surprise! What was Kate's big surprise?"

Kate's surprise was a birthday cake! When Kate's mom cut the cake, a whale fell on top of it! Then the whale squirted a fish out of his nostol! Then the whale farted! P.U.!

D.J. said it was a big, fat, stinky cake. Evrybody laughed! It was stinky!

Somebody kicked the whale and told it to go home. It didn't move. "MOVE!" she yelled. It still didn't move. "Do you mean I like to move it move it?" said D.J.

"No!" she said.

"Uh oh!" said Jennifer. "Hold your ears!" It's about to pop one of the birthday balloons.


Evrywhere went prizes! (Like candy and toys) Then someone threw a fireball at the whale. Then it got insinerated.

The End.


cajunsis said...

Out of babes mouths... lol... what a cute story. You need to keep it in the forever pile. It is precious! Thanks for sharing.

Scooter said...

I want to come to her parties ... fireballs and whales and cool stuff like that! Awesome imagination at work there, the kind I love to watch develop. Have fun with that one! :-)