Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer...

Our summer has kicked off and is already in full swing. We've got all kinds of fun and games going on around here.... even on the rainy days.

Reading lessons... The Apples are enrolled in the summer reading program at the library and are having a blast reading together.
Science Lessons....The girls built ocean habitats for some of their Littlest Pet Shops with homemade playdough.
Physical Education... the girls really enjoy running around at the Spray Park and taking trips to the park.

More Physical Education... chasing The Little Apple should be an Olympic Sport. The Little Apple has accomplished so much in the past few weeks with the hard work of her therapists who wear her out.
Recess... the girls get some well deserved down time, they earn screen time by completing chores, doing assignments, or going above and beyond the call of daughterhood in courtesy and manners. They prefer the Wii or stealing my computer. More summer fun to come!

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cajunsis said...

Summertime is always so fun. I loved the fact that I could get up and go anywhere I wanted on a moments notice. I loved the time it gave me with the kids - I was one of those rare moms that loved to be with my kids. Enjoy, explore and embrace. - summertime fun. It ends so quickly.