Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lemonade...50 Cents!

I'm playing catch up because I've been a naughty blogger. So, my next few posts may be a bit outdated, but none the less, worth posting.

The first event I wanted to bring you up to date on is the Lemonade Stand!

Our friends Stephenie and Raelee were having a lemonade stand and wanted to know if we wanted to participate. Of course we did! Especially when we found out where the money that they would be earning would be going. Not into their own pockets, but to children in Indonesia for school supplies and toys! Beautiful! A lesson in money, advertising, and missions all at the same time.

We baked bread, cupcakes, and banana bread and headed over to their house. We were greeted with a beautiful set up stand, which I wish I could share with you, but I don't have one that doesn't have my kids faces in it. But I will share with you The Middle Apple and the roadside sign.
And The Little Apple checking to make sure the lemonade was sweet enough.
After about an hour of running the lemonade stand (IT'S REALLY HARD WORK!) The girls played. And ate the profit.
Just kidding. We were surprised to learn that the girls had earned almost $50 for the children in Indonesia. Thanks for asking us to help Stephenie! We had a blast.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weightgain Wednesday....

I do my Weight Watchers weigh in's on Thursdays, which is unfortunate because MANY lessons in MFW this year revolve around cooking in the kitchen.

Today, it was fresh bread. The Big Apple has been learning about Jesus being the Bread of Life. God provided the Israelite manna every morning for 40 years so that they would never go hungry. Today, The Big Apple provided her family with lunch. She did it all, the measuring, the pouring, the mixing.
She did have a little help with the kneading, but not very much.
Loading the dough into the oven to rise. 30 minutes later, the loaf was double it's size and ready to bake.
Absolute perfection.
I am ashamed to say that between the 4 female members of this house, we consumed the whole loaf of bread with jam for lunch. Not a crumb was left for Apfel (Daddy Apple). And I still have to weigh in tomorrow. *sigh*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy Day....

What to do on a rainy day????...Go fishing, of course!
The days of rain have been driving us a little nutty...but in between showers, I send the kidlets out to get muddy. They have enjoyed it. Our backyard has been transformed into a swamp. Perfect for fishing :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some posts simply don't need a title.

"I am hopelessly in love with this little treasure of a gorgeous baby girl who thinks she is a piano playing, monkey rolling, run away Toto puppy dressing, show stealing, piece of work" is too long of a title for a post. So I'll just leave this post without a title.