Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weightgain Wednesday....

I do my Weight Watchers weigh in's on Thursdays, which is unfortunate because MANY lessons in MFW this year revolve around cooking in the kitchen.

Today, it was fresh bread. The Big Apple has been learning about Jesus being the Bread of Life. God provided the Israelite manna every morning for 40 years so that they would never go hungry. Today, The Big Apple provided her family with lunch. She did it all, the measuring, the pouring, the mixing.
She did have a little help with the kneading, but not very much.
Loading the dough into the oven to rise. 30 minutes later, the loaf was double it's size and ready to bake.
Absolute perfection.
I am ashamed to say that between the 4 female members of this house, we consumed the whole loaf of bread with jam for lunch. Not a crumb was left for Apfel (Daddy Apple). And I still have to weigh in tomorrow. *sigh*

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jamiely78 said...

It's ok. It's worth it. I bet she was pretty happy with herself!!