Monday, October 25, 2010

And the relatives came.....part 2, The Bell Tower

After we took the kids to see Mr. Charlie, we took a break for lunch and at McD's, and let the little Monsterlings run around for awhile.

Then I took them to see the Bell Towers. (pardon the dated's the most current one I could find. The website states that it's been closed since 2004, but I know for a fact that it's wide open and available to the public!) It's a gorgeous little spot that we have been too frequently.

There is a pretty little walking trail where you can observe the wild birds, see large Cyprus trees growing
and play with enormous "man-eating grasshoppers" (at least that is what the Middle Apple calls them.
I love listening to the bells chiming their welcome to us.
"playing" the bells.....

After the Bell Towers, we came home and played Wii, gave the Little Apple a nap, rode bikes, and roller skated. It was such a fun and FULL day.

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cajunsis said...

There is the most awesome Geocache out there at the towers - one of the best I have seen! Such a serene place, how could you not love it? Those grasshoppers are enormous, aren't they?