Thursday, April 8, 2010

Field Trip to the Sheriff's Office.....

Last week, I was involved in a very tiny accident with Homer (my mom-mobile). Everyone is fine, and Homer only sustained a little scratch that was easily buffed out.

This morning, I told The Apples that we were taking a Field Trip to the Police Department, to pick up the police report. I asked that they be on their best behavior, and that when we left, I was going to ask them what they learned from the Sheriff's Office.

When we left the office (after being redirected to 3 different locations and quite a bit of confusion as to who actually responded to the accident and where the accident report was filed) I said, "It only counts as a Field Trip if you learned something today. Tell me one thing that you learned."

The Big Apple responded "Don't park illegally behind somebody." (Referring to the other vehicle)

Excellent point.

"What about you, (insert Middle Apple's name)? What did you learn?

"Taking trips to the Sheriff's Office aren't much don't get your van in an accident."

Thanks for the reminder, kids.


Jensamom23 said...

Out of the mouth of babes! Thanks for stopping by the NutHouse, too!

cajunsis said...

Cute! And the S.O. is in the most unsuspecting place... not easy to recognize. Unfortunately I have seen the inside of the S.O. very well, and not behind bars either :-(

Glad everyone is ok.