Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 Years later...

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I had the opportunity to attend my college reunion this weekend. It was so much fun seeing old faces and reliving some old memories. Better yet was showing my wonderful husband a small part of my own history and background, and sharing some of the past with my children. My years at Longwood were such an important time in my life.

I found out that the school is condemning my old dormroom....It's sad, but true. It was the oldest building on the campus, and it survived the big fire from a few years ago. But because of it's old age and the need for progress, they are tearing it down. I was unable to go inside the building while I was there, but I did get to take a picture of it. There are a lot of memories in that old building. An interesting fact... the view from outside my old study lounge window was the tennis courts. My mother used to play tennis on those same courts during her college days at Ferrum.

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