Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Face Lift!!!!

When I think back to January and how unsure of blogging I was, and now look at me! I'm completely head over heals into it! I have been so satisfied with my experience, that I have been getting dissatisfied with the appearance of my page. So, it is time for a face lift.

Only, I am not really a computer friendly person. Remember my blond post? Yah. I'm pretty blond when it comes to computers too. Like a friend was telling me last week, keep that dye bottle handy! For some reason, the instructions that are out there for doing basic stuff just seem to be written in Greek the second I start to read them. Or written in "brunette" should I say?

So somehow, on my own, I figured out how to download a different blog template from a website and get it onto my page. It took several tries to get it right, and in the meantime I lost all of my previous pics that customized my original page, but I remembered to save everything!

So, what do you think? How does my page look now?

And because I am a creature of change, I'll probably keep this look for a week and then do it all over again!


Chris Jarrell said...

Awesome blog...I like it. I hope all is going well.

Chris Jarrell said...

Hey I also want to let you know that Lora is 12 weeks pregnant. :-) YEAH!!!

Anna said...

Hey! Looks great!!! I love the updated look. I need to update mine, hopefully I can figure that out when I get back home.

I miss hanging out with you on IM as well. ;)

I um... will try to get some pictures up of my trip soon!

Have a great week!