Monday, April 7, 2008

"Bring out yer dead"...dong!

I failed to mention in my earlier posts that my second daughter is a little different than other kids. She has the most fantastic mind for make believe, loves to sing and dance, and is a fanatic about quoting movies. She has something called PDD-NOS, and sometimes this makes my daughter very careless and impulsive when she talks to other people. In a way, this disability (if you really want to call it that!) is a blessing, because she cannot tell a lie...and her perception of how a story plays out is nothing short of fantastic.

But at other times, her impulsiveness can be a touch embarrassing. Like today for example.

The kids and I all went to our Family Doctor to weigh and measure the baby. Harmless enough trip, right? Think again. While we were in the office waiting for the doctor to come in, my impulsive middle child started opening and closing all of the doors and drawers in the room. I asked her what she was doing. She stated that she was looking for something. Good answer, right?

Enter the doctor. My child closed the drawer, looked up at the man in the white coat and asked with a perfectly expressionless face, "Where do you stash your dead bodies?" The doc looked boggled and replied, "Excuse me?" She repeated her question again. The doctor started laughing (Thank God he had a sense of humor!). Of course I was mortified and had to explain YET AGAIN that sometimes my daughter comes up with random comments, such as that one, if something catches her eye that reminds her of something else.

My daughter said that she saw someone say "Where do you stash your dead bodies?" in a movie once....although since she has only seen G Rated films (that I am aware of!), I can't exactly be sure which one. Anyone else have a clue where she got that phrase from?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Never a dull moment huh?