Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things that go "burp" in the night....

For some reason, I'm horrible at burping the baby. I just can't seem to get the bubble to come I pass off the wee one to my husband, who magically makes the baby burp in about 5 seconds.

And now I figured out why.

Last night, I was awakened in the middle of the night not by a fussy cry of an infant, but by the sound of rhythmic thumping. I looked around for what was making the noise, and it was my husband! He sounded like he was trying to burp the baby. ONLY, THE BABY WAS IN HER CRIB ACROSS THE HALL!!! My DH was patting the side of his leg, IN HIS SLEEP, for about a full 3 minutes! I didn't dare wake him, it was just too funny watching him trying to make a bubble come forth from an imaginary baby!

Yup, my husband is such a great baby burper, because he practices it in his sleep when I'm not looking!

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