Saturday, April 12, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Forgive me if my posts have all seemed to be leaning on the "baby side of life" these days. Having this little one in my life seems to be all that I think about. I can't think of anything more interesting than my little girl these days! I'm sure I'll be posting more stuff that is more interesting to all of you later.

But for today, it's about the baby again. Sorry!

I was taking a quiet moment to study my new daughter yesterday. I mean really study her...memorize her little features. The curve of her nose, the dimple in her right cheek, the little tiny earlobes, and her long long toes. It was such a pleasant and quiet moment, just watching my little angel sleeping.

And then I got to her knees. Such perfect little knees. Not a mark on them! And then came the realization that in a very short time, those perfect little knees will be marked up, skinned, and bruised . Eventually, she'll be crawling. And then walking. Then running. And riding a bike, swimming, dancing, and playing soccer. Then I got to thinking that ALL of her little body was flawless, unmarked by the outside world. And the further and further she gets from me and closer to her own independence, there will be more bonked noggins, broken bones, scrapes, bruises, stitches, and countless tears.

And my only defense? Prayer! Being a mother is really hard. My only shield between my child and the rest of the world is prayer, and I don't do it nearly enough.

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