Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Staff Only and Armpit Farts

The Oldest is really enjoying public school. It makes me very sad that she loves it so much, but I am seeing so many changes in her behavior and maturity in this short time....I have to admit, being among a throng of children her own age has been very good for her.

For the most part.

Except for some little eensie weensie little issues. Today, she had "Walking Recess." This is a punishment issued to a student when they have done something pretty stinking bad. There are only 2 punishments worse than "Walking Recess" and that is a note going home to your parents, and a trip to the principal's office. Walking Recess means that the student has to miss recess and must walk laps around the field during that fun for that child. It makes some students cry. I know mine did.

Now you ask, what on earth did my perfect child do to deserve such a horrible punishment? The heinous thing she did was.....(dramatic music here!) She used the Staff Only restroom. Now I have to chuckle about it now that she is tucked away in her bed. Apparently, she needed to use the bathroom during Computer Lab time, so she and another student were to travel together to the restroom in the First Grade Hall. According to my daughter, the Staff Only restroom was soooo much closer. So her traveling friend for the bathroom told her to go on in there....then the friend split. Didn't wait for my daughter. So when she opened the bathroom door, there stood two teachers. She was in pretty big trouble. Especially since 1) She knows how to read the words Staff Only and 2) She isn't considered staff. Silly little girl. But she took her punishment well, and I sided with the teachers on that one. I don't care if the other student told her to use that particular bathroom. My kid knows better. Staff Only means exactly what it says.

And my other eensie weensie issue with public school?

My darling six year old daughter learned how to do an arm pit fart today. She showed me in the car. Does it get any better than that? *shaking my head in disbelief*

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jamiely78 said...

Wonderful...armpit farts. Walking recesses does seem a little harsh for a lil' one who really needed to go potty, but at least she understood why she wasn't supposed to use that restroom.

Taking Isabella out of a wonderful Christian preschool & putting her in a public kindergarten has been hard for me. She has adjusted pretty well.