Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Quiz....Baby Food

This is for all you moms out there....

It's dinner time, and the family (the six month old baby girl included) is gathered around the breakfast bar eating a take out pizza. The toothless (and pretty much solely breastfed and cereal fed) baby leans forward in her high chair and grabs a slice of pizza and starts sucking the corner of it. What do you do?

A) What's take-out pizza? I cook every meal from scratch! Only the best for my family. And....whoa, did she just say everyone was eating at the breakfast bar? Not in my household!

B) Freak out. The world is coming to an end! You know for sure that your baby will either die from choking on the pizza or from a allergic reaction to pepperoni grease.

C) Remove the pizza from the baby's mouth, and use your spit to clean the grease off her face.

D) Wait to see what she does. I mean, come on! What's a little bit of cheese going to do? If she doesn't like it....well, she probably will spit it out.

If you answered A....you are probably a brand new first time parent. Trust me, it does get easier. If you answered B, well....you still haven't graduated from First Time Parenting School yet. If you answered C, you have your 2nd child and are settling in to this parenting thing.

Then, there are those of us that are 3rd time parents. Yes. I have to answer D to my own quiz.

My Little One was the one that grabbed the pizza off my plate this evening and managed to get some in her mouth. I just calmly sat there and watched her do it. And I enjoyed her reaction. I watched my little one roll a little bit of cheesy greasy goodness around in her mouth, practice trying to chew it a little, and then spit it out. And then she started vocally expressing her opinion on pizza. She yelled for more. Oy.

She sure is growing up fast. In just a few short years, she will be old enough to call for her own take out. *sniffle*


Anna said...

OK... so this is what I would have done. I would have given her a pizza crust in her other hand and when she checked that out I would have swiped the actual piece of pizza and I would have let her gnaw on the crust watching to make sure she doesn't choke on it.

So what does that make me? ;)

*** Kelly Maria said...

I came by to let you know I have an award for you over at my blog. Please come by and pick it up! Simply Save As, etc.....
Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

Ellen...now said...

I picked you for an award, too...so I guess you are doubly awarded! LOL