Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update? Did someone say update?

We had a whirlwind week last husband somehow managed to get a week of leave time, drove through the night and arrived here for a visit.

Can I just say....WONDERFUL?

Such a lovely time...the girls had their Daddy back, I had my best friend in the house again (not to mention, oh...nevermind ;) ) and some little handyman projects that I was dreading tackling myself got done. I have learned so much about standing on my own two feet since he has been gone, but you know, I got married so that I wouldn't have to do things like changing oil in the car or sharpening the lawn mower blades. It was so nice to have a man (MY MAN!!!!) here.

The Oldest was baptized on Sunday, and may I just say that she was just glowing! The microphone was held out to her right before she was dunked for her to give a little testimony, and she stated plainly and sweetly that "God is good all the time, and I want to live my life for him." I don't know about the rest of the congregation, but I could not stop from bawling! It is a day that I will never forget as long as I live. And to make the icing on the cake, my own father, whom I have been praying for since I was saved as a teenager, decided to be baptized as well. How cool is that???? To have 2 of the people that you love very dearly, both being baptized in the same weekend??? I am just so giddy with joy over that one.

While he was here, we had some surprises for him...I had been holding off giving the baby her first cereal, so that he could be here for the milestone event. The Little One really gave a prized performance as she tried on several occasions to steal the spoon and feed herself. And she barely spit out any at all. I think if she knew how to run, she would have snagged the bowl and run off with it too. Daddy's other surprise? Well, The Middle sat down with him on the couch and READ TO HIM for the first time. It was out of Dick and Jane. He was so pleased with her.

But alas, we return to business as usual as hubby left to go back to whatever it is he does in Louisiana. And I have an empty spot in my bed again...and a big hole in our family again.

Ah. Poop.


Princess Of Pink said...

AH Jenny, bet you had a wonderful time with Apfel ;)...and the girls too

Mella said...

Jenny, I'm so glad that Apfel was able to come home for daughter #1's baptism!! That is so special.

Your girls are so cute, I love hearing about them.