Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not me Monday.

I'm coming clean.

MckMama over at My Charming Kids, has a fun little way of confessing all of our little shortcomings. It's actually very therapeutic reading about how NOT perfect moms can be. So, here own little confessions, out in public for the rest of the world can read. I may be totally in denial about these things, but...I really did them.

  • I totally did NOT just take all of the clothes out of the dryer and toss them in the floor in the hallway, nope, not even in a basket...straight onto the floor. I am not thinking about folding them some other time....and I am sooooo NOT going to pull something out of that pile and put it on myself tomorrow morning before driving my kid to school.
  • I Did Not just go to McDonalds 3 different times this week to buy happy meals...just for the Madam Alexander Wizard of Oz toy. And I DID NOT take a handful of duplicates back and plow through the stash at the counter to get that coveted Flying Monkey for The Oldest.
  • I did not let my kids run through the church's sprinkler system today...simply because it looked fun. And I did not apologize to about 5 other parents when their kids started doing it too. Nope, not me. And I did not have to drive home sopping wet children.
  • I totally deny plopping the baby in a swing, knowing full well that it wasn't her nap time, so that I could sneak a nap myself. I would NEVER do THAT! *snicker*
  • I really didn't give my middle child a second fudgecicle after lunch because she missed having her older sister at home.
  • I did not lock myself in the bathroom this morning for a half hour so that I could finish a really good book....while my children wrote messages and shoved them under the door, stating that they were starving children from Africa and wanted some breakfast.
  • And Finally...I did not just borrow High School Musical from the Library on Friday, watch it for the first time, and enjoy it as much as my daughters....nope, not me!
Those are my little confessionals for the week. What have you got to share for Not Me Monday? Hope on over to MCK and read what other people are fessing up to.


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

The notes under the door made me LOL!

SOOO funny!

Lindsay said...

Napping when not supposed to - check.

extra sugary snacks to children - check.

locking myself in the bathroom for some extra private time - check.

Apparently now I need to go rent High School Musical though...

Jennifer said...

Great post! And I totally did not let my kids have to orange push-ups today! That would be way too much sweetness in them little!

Weeksie50 said...

Extra fudge pops makes everyone feel better..

Oh, and laundry on the floor.. so been there.. Heck, I am there right now..

Tabi said...

The notes are cracking me up! Love it!

Jo-Jo said...

Notes under the door...that is funny. Mine would just scream and scream till I came out. Of course they aren't old enough to write yet but that is no excuse! LOL

Jen D said...

Hilarious--my favorite is the sprinkler one! I've NEVER had to apologize to other parents for the poor behavior of my child that leads the others astray :)

McDowell Family said...

I am proud to admit I am a High School Musical fan. FYI the 3rd one comes out on October it wrong I have it written in my palm pilot?!?

astzt1027 said...

I would never push the dust bunnies under the sofa a little further instead of getting the sweeper out of the closet.