Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spelling Tests...

  1. I
  2. a
  3. me
  4. my
  5. you

These words were my daughter's spelling test words last week.

I made a huge mistake. I asked the teacher for something a little more challenging. Here are a few of my daughter's spelling words for this week:

  1. excited
  2. unfortunate
  3. elegantly
  4. excellent
Did I mention that my kid is in the 1st grade? I believe in challenging my girl, but not totally discouraging her. These words made her cry. Hoping for a happy medium here. Most of the other kids in her class got these words:
  1. he
  2. she
  3. we
  4. me
  5. the


Scooter said...

How about "happy", "sad", "fancy" and "great" as a happy medium? Sounds like the teacher got a little carried away for the second week of school, eh?

Keep on her (as I know you will), and by working together, you'll both give your daughter a great year.

Anna said...

:) Well, Perhaps she should just have her work ahead with the lists? Like maybe have her do the list for the second grade. I doubt the second grade is doing the list that she got.

Bebe said...

Hi Jenny!
Thanks for visiting with me yesterday and entering my little giveaway! It is always nice to meet a new blogger and friend!
Hugs, Bebe :)

Princess Of Pink said...

Go check my BLOG, you are awarded by me with the Autumn Friendship Award!

Hugs from Marian