Monday, October 20, 2008

Not me Monday, IV

I need to be teaching and cleaning up my house, instead of posting another list of Not Me's!!!! Here is my list of the things that I am totally denying that I did this week.

****I DID NOT pull a washed disposible diaper out of the washing machine this week. I mean, really, I totally check all of the laundry before I stuff it in the washing machine. And I am always sure to sort all of the laundry before washing it so that my children don't have to wear pink socks.

****I would never use a bowl scraper to eat the contents of the blender. The sides were so yummy looking with the sweet potatoes that I had just made up for the baby, I would never so dream as to eat my baby's food! No way!

****I soooooo did not forget to put a lid on my chicken and veggie stew that I put in the microwave. And that stew soooooooooo did not explode all over my spotlessly clean microwave. I mean, I didn't already have to scrub out my microwave that same morning because I overcooked the strawberry cream of wheat and had to spend 20 minutes getting that cooked-on creamy goodness out of my microwave. Oh, and then, on that same day, I certainly did not have to evacuate all the children from my house because I BURNT a bag of popcorn (which I was going to serve my children for dinner!), the air in the kitchen definitely DID NOT fill with smoke so thick you couldn't see to open the windows. And the reason that this did not happen? I didn't get tired of trying to scrub cream of wheat off the spinning plate thingie for the microwave, so I didn't stick it in the dishwasher. So would never do such a thing as stick a bag of popcorn in the microwave without the spinning plate thingie. SOOOOOO, by the end of the day, I DID NOT totally think about just tossing the microwave in the garbage because of my stupidity, and take the children out for icecream sundaes instead.

****I did not totally overextend myself on Saturday by offering to help a bride with her wedding. I did not lose my cool even once when I only had about an hour to feed the baby, curl both of my girls' hair so they could toss leaves, and make sure that everyone was in their places. I did not snap at a couple people when the candles would not light, the foyer of the church was full of boxes of food instead of looking lovely like I had left it the night before, and I did not get the slightest bit miffed at the bride when she showed up late. (Hether, when you read this, it's all good, girlfriend! I was soooo glad to be able to serve you on your wedding day. It was so beautiful, and your marriage will be so blessed!)

****I did not lose my cell phone with the ringer turned off. And I did not blame my middle child of passing gas when she was sitting on the couch....only to discover the cell phone on vibrate stuck between the cushions, where it certainly did not fall out of my pocket when I wasn't taking a nap yesterday. I mean, I NEVER need naps after weddings, church attending, and benefit dinners. Never!

How was your week? Anything going on that you um.....didn't do, either? Head on over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else is up to.


Kameron said...

Step away from the will be ok!! :o) I have done the diaper int he wash thing too. It was one of those Pampers Baby Dry and there was gel stuff all over the baby's clothes and the inside of the washer. I still don't know how it got in there...I blame my hubby!

heidi said...

UGH! I hate those little gel thingies from washing the diapers. Not that I've ever done that, *I* am a picture of perfection. A study in superiority. Psh. ;-)

Happy Monday!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Sounds like you need a vaca from the microwave... that SO does not sound like something I would do!!

And the cell phone... hilarious!


Ashley Griffin said...

i have washed a pullup before too... okay. more than once.

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Don't you love when you wash a DIRTY diaper!!! That's the best!!! (like finding a tube of lipstick or a crayon in the dryer!)

Elaine said...

This was cracking me up.

Elaine said...

Thank you so much Jenny for your comment on my Nut Free Living blog. That really made my day. It is such a difficult situation to deal and it is so nice when people do understand.

I sure hope by the time we get to school, we do not have to deal with teachers like you have mentioned. I have heard horror stories and have actually seen intolerant people..

I just pray for more awareness so that those who do not believe the seriousness of the situation will come around.

Thanks again and have a blessed day.

The Liebers said...

I loved this post! I, too, have NEVER washed diaper, exploded things in the microwave, eaten my child's food, or lose my cell phone inthe couch. Seriously, what kind of mother would do those things!!!!
PS I found you on MckMama's site and couldn't help popping over.