Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday.

Good morning. At least I can say good morning. It's Monday. And to break up the monotony of today, I am posting all of the things that I really did not do. It's my humorous detailed denial of my faults and weaknesses. I hope that you will join me over on MckMama's blog to read other Not Me's.

This is not my living room at this exact moment. As a matter of fact, those are not piles of clothes that have been folded to be put away, and those are not baskets of toys, and that certainly is not coffee table covered in my computer, coffee mug, and assorted books. And my realtor certainly is not going to call me to ask to show my house today. That would never happen.

I did not wake up with a bad ear ache. And I am not putting off going to the doctor to get an antibiotic just in case my ear ache wants to clear up on it's own by a miracle.

I did not totally come unleashed this morning when one daughter couldn't find her shoes and the other misplaced her book that she is reading for school. I did not snap at them both to get in the van that we were running late. My ear ache had nothing to do with my mood and attitude. I did not make the shoeless daughter wear her sandals in the cold because she lost her shoes. Nor did I make the bookless daughter go to school and practice in the car saying that she was irresponsible and misplaced her book. That would make me a mean mother.

I most certainly did not laugh at the baby shoving handfuls of cheerios into her mouth, since it's a brand new thing that she has learned to do, and then I did not start weeping uncontrollably because she learned this new skill and is growing up way too fast.

I did not realize that my Not Me's are really not funny today, so I did not leave gratuitous pictures of a pig in a shopping cart in my previous post for you to see.


Anna said...

I love it! Now, what you should have done was left the baby in the bouncy seat to jump all over the clothes. that would have been the best! ;)

Allmykids123 said...

Gosh, I thought that was my living room! P.S. Ear aches won't go away on their own.. GO TO THE DOC! Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

-stephanie- said...

that was my living room yesterday, and it would still be my living room today, if we did not have a bible study at our home last night.

Ellen said...

I think you just need a "big sister" here ya go...


By the way, my whole house looks that way...and I don't even have any little kids!

Kameron said...

Don't feel bad I washed and folded 6 loads of laundry yesterday and guess where the clothes are? Yep, folded neatly on my couch, loveseat and chair in my livingroom! Hope no one needs to sit down any time soon. Cute pig. :o)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

The visual accompaniment that you provided for your Not Me's is brilliant. A new approach to a tried and true blogging favorite. I love it.

And I must say that the pig is great fun. Who doesn't want to see a picture of a pig in a shopping cart. Good times!

PS: Hope your earache is on the mend.