Saturday, August 16, 2008

There's no place like home....

We are finally back from our trip to Florida. I think I would have liked to have stayed longer, but I fear I was wearing out my welcome. And I had things to work getting The Oldest registered for school (her first time in public school!) and getting The Middle's curriculum all set up for her year of homeschooling alone. The Littlest was in desperate need of new she had outgrown several of the outfits we had on hand in Florida. She is just growing and growing sooooo fast.

So my dad packed my car for me (thanks dad!) and took that long journey home. I will have to admit, traveling such a long way by car with a baby, IS NOT FUN. We had to stop every couple of hours so that I could nurse her, change her stinky diaper, and find her pacifier that she had somehow managed to chuck into the back seat. Add on top of that....The Oldest got carsick not even 20 miles from where we were staying (so I had to unpack a set of clean clothes, change her, and mop up the rear seat, purchase some seabands, and find an empty container in case it happened again!) , and The Middle who wanted to make a poopie at every single gas station that we stopped at, but was just too afraid to squat on the nasty gas station potty that long. She held off until we got in our own back door at 10:30 last night.

Upon pulling into the driveway, I almost turned around and went back. I am not kidding. Here is why. I had set up for my lawn to be mowed once a week for the duration of my time away. MY GRASS IS ALMOST HIP HIGH. *sigh*

I quickly got the children to bed, and broke out the OREOs. It was a long day. Almost as long as the grass.

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