Monday, August 18, 2008


I am not admitting defeat.

I have decided to temporarily enroll The Oldest into public school for a little while. I have had a couple people say to me that I must not been a successful homeschooling parent and that I have been defeated. This is very far from the truth. We have been extremely successful. These people know who they are and some of them read this blog.

I am here to tell these people that this choice was not made lightly, and it's a choice that was extremely difficult for our family to make. There were several factors weighing on our decision...and none of those factors have anything to do with my success as a homeschooling parent. I have been very successful. The Oldest is very bright and her reading, writing, spelling, and math are way beyond 1st grade level, the grade that I am enrolling her in. She will not suffer.

We had to look beyond the individual needs of our child and look at the needs of our entire family and the situation that we are in. I am first and foremost, a child of God. Secondly, a wife and mother. Thirdly, a teacher to my children. I do not need to justify to any of you why we decided to do what we are doing because none of you hold any of those positions in this family. We are doing what is right for our family at this time. I am at complete peace regarding this decision. And I really don't need any of you trying to make me feel badly or regret what we are doing.


LynnSC said...

Hi Jenny,
I hopped over from Angie's blog. I just had to comment on this post... I have homeschooled for 7 years... only to have God reveal to me that last year was my last year. This Wednesday my girls will start public school. I, for one, can testify that this was a very painful step for me. This is not what I want... but it is what God wants. I don't know why. I have stepped out in obedience and faith because I know that the Lord's plans are perfect.

For you to make this decision... I know that it was not made lightly. Your heart sounds to me like you believe in homeschooling and that your heart loves it. If you are at peace with this decision... then, by all means, press forward. Peace comes from God... shame and regret come from the enemy. Do not allow others to keep you from what you feel God is leading you to do. Obey and God will take care of the rest.

I will lift you and your family up to the Lord... as you let go and allow God to have His way in this.


Anonymous said...

Having homeschooled our daughter from 4th - 12th grades I can understand the hard decision you made. Isn't it interesting that you're getting flak from homeschoolers... when we pulled our daughter OUT of public school we got flak... what about socialization? was the most common question/complaint.

Seems we can't win for losing, eh?

You said you have peace about it - well then, let your decision stand and don't take no flak from nobody! You're obeying God. :)


Mella said...

Jenny, first and foremost, I have to admit that I have never home schooled; how, I have nothing against it. With the load that you have had on you recently....a brand new baby, two very young elementary age children, getting orders to move, putting a house up for sale, and a husband 1000 miles away....oh my goodness!! That is a Herculean load, girl! Not that I don't think you can handle it...I genuinely admire you for the way it seems you have done so. But, there are times that you need to share the load....just maybe God has given you peace about this decision because you need it is a way for you to share the load. Once everything "comes together," you can go back to home schooling. God bless.

E. Garrard

Jenny said...

Well look at that. It looks like I have silenced the nay-sayers! And I have supporters afterall!

I do have so much on my plate and I was not going to be able to provide for The Oldest's social life. I also wanted The Middle to have to opportunity of having me as her teacher all alone without distraction until she can learn to read. With her delays, she will really thrive without her bigger sister at home calling all the shots.

This is going to be a good year. I am very excited to see what God is going to do.

Scooter said...

Jenny ~ as a parent who's done private, public and home education, all I can say is no one knows your family's needs or how to meet them like you do. I think making the hard choices for the good of your children is what makes every mother who does so a great success. Can't wait to hear how well both girls do in their new school environments! God will bless your obedience, just wait and see.