Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Promoted to First Grade

That is what is written on my daughter's school record. She was a Kindergartener for all of one day.

Her complaint? She said when I picked her up from school, "Mama, I got pulled out of recess so I could read baby books to the teacher. She had to find me a harder books to read."

The Oldest was referring to her assessment to get her out of kindergarten and into the grade that she is supposed to be in. I feel affirmed that I did a good job teaching her last year and that she did a fantastic job learning.

I spoke to her new teacher for First Grade this morning, and was told that The Oldest is one of 3 other children that read extremely well. For this, I am pleased. She is right where she should be now, and will be adequately challenged in her work. Hooray!

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