Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Gold Attitude

I love watching the Olympics. My girls have really enjoyed watching them too. Especially the gymnastics, swimming, running, and diving. When we first started watching them, The Oldest asked, "Mama, why do we have Olympics?" I told her that every 4 years, all the countries get together, putting aside their differences, just to play games and have a good time. The best in each sport gets a medal.

Last night, as we were watching the races, and the sportscaster displayed on the screen the medal standings for the world, where it shows how many each country has gotten. United States in the lead with the most medals, with China in the lead with the most gold.

The Oldest pipes up with a truly mature statement for her 6 year old self. "Mama, why does it matter which country has the most medals? Who cares about that? Isn't it supposed to be about having fun, and getting the whole world together??? Aren't we supposed to be cheering for the whole world?"

She totally understands the Olympics alot better than some grown ups do. I am glad that she is starting to understand better about winning vs. having fun.

Yea, World!!!!

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Mella said...

Oldest has it down right!!

Ellen Garrard