Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Gospel Truth

A conversation with The Middle Child today in the van.

The Middle Child : "And Jesus said, 'Chocolate is good.'"
Me: "Who said that?"
MC: "Jesus did!"
Me: "Really? When did He say that?"
MC: "He said it in the Bible."
Me: "Oh."

All this occurred as The Middle was shoving a chocolate chip bagel from Panera Bread in her mouth.

Ok, I know that the Bible doesn't say a thing about Jesus eating chocolate. But in my mind's eye this afternoon, I saw Jesus with a twinkle in His eyes and a huge laugh on His face saying, "Yep, that's My girl!"

After all, I am pretty sure that God sat down with a Hershey Bar on the 7th Day and ate it while He rested and admired His creation.

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Anna said...

I saw it in there one day. It was also printed on a Dove Promise foil wrapper. Honest.