Sunday, August 17, 2008

God's Yard Care Service...

I have received a wonderful gift today, and it was totally anonymous. Remember how I said that my lawn was waist high when I got home from our vacation? Well, I was on the phone all day yesterday trying to track down my garage key to no avail. I was going to mow it myself, but couldn't get into my own garage. Sad, isn't it?

We went to church this morning where I had to play tag with about 6 different people saying that they had "given the key to such-n-so to cut the grass". Apparently, since the key was too busy getting passed around, no one had time to cut my grass, and we got forgotten again. *insert big frowny face*

When we got home from church, there was something dramatically different about our house. I could actually see the flowers in the front yard and I could tell that my driveway was supposed to be a place to park the car. Someone had apparently dropped by my house and mowed my yard while we were gone to church. I asked myself out loud who might have done such a thing and I hear from the backseat, "Hey look! God cut the grass! He didn't want you to work on Sunday, so He did it for you!"

I am totally going to let my kids think that God cut the grass for us because He loves us. But I do have to wonder who skipped church and cut my grass? I am sure that the Lord will bless the little church skipper :D

I wonder what kind of mower God drives?

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