Monday, June 16, 2008

My favorite place...

One of my favorite things about being a mom is nursing. Nursing forces any busy woman to sit down and enjoy her baby, which is personally what I think God intended. Normally the baby and I sit to feed in the kitchen, because it's really the heart of my home...right in the middle of all of the chaos that goes on during a given day.

But my most favorite place to slip away to "get away from it all" happens to be in the baby's room. She and I go in there whenever we get the chance to, just to enjoy being together. I am surrounded by all of my favorite things in there.

First of all, there is this really old and squeaky recliner. It belonged to my Great-Grandmother, whom the baby is named after. I like to imagine how she would sit and rock in that recliner, many many miles of rocking and praying. And that although she never got a chance to hold my wee little one in her arms, that somehow she is smiling down on us sitting together in that chair. To the left of that ratty recliner, I have an old table that belonged to another grandmother. She kept it in her living room. I can still remember with fondness, the hours I spent in that living room playing cards and sewing and working puzzles with her. She is smiling down on the baby and I too. I keep my favorite coffee mug, a Bible, and various other paperback books on that table, available for my reading pleasure whenever I get the chance. To the right of the chair, sunlight streams through the window into the room, just so, it makes you feel like it's sole purpose is to shine just for you.

The view from this chair is, in my opinion, what makes my favorite place the most special of all. Across the room is the doorway, and when closed (for the ultimate quiet time experience!) it reveals a veritable tapestry of drawings, each crayoned by my older children. You can barely see the door for all of the dozens of drawings! Most of the pictures are drawings of their family members...people that they love and adore.

It is here in my favorite place...on the comfy old recliner, next to a worn table, holding my sleeping baby, that I look at each of those drawings and begin to pray. I thank God for each and every person in those drawings, my family, and I ask for Him to bless them. I thank Him for blessing me beyond measure with everything that my heart has ever desired, according to His Will. I thank Him for His steadfast love, His faithfulness, and His amazing grace.

It is here in my favorite place, that I am filled with what I need to make it through the day. It is here, that I pour out my heart to God, and in it's place receive an exact measure of love in return to pour out to others. It is here that I get my inspiration to do what I do. Thank you God for my favorite place.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this. I felt like I was there... seeing your favorite place through your eyes. How special...