Thursday, June 19, 2008


Approximately 10 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle to marry my husband, my bridesmaids presented me with 3 gifts. At the time, I thought all three gifts were perfectly useless, but accepted them graciously and prepared myself to join my husband.

Boy, was I bridesmaids obviously knew a whole lot more than I did.

The first gift was a small frying pan....because the way to a heart is through his stomach. Yeah, it's true. It's 10 years later, and I know it to be completely true. I REALLY needed that frying pan, because little did I know on the day of my wedding, just how many meals I was going to burn as a young bride.

The second gift was a journal. My first thought that I would be too busy in my marital bliss to write in it! Wrong again! I wrote down alot of feelings of frustration and poured out my heart to God because I had no idea what I was doing half the time...halfway across the country, setting up house, new friends, new church, everything was so different!

And the third gift, well, I really need to thank my bridesmaids again and again for this one. It was a small bottle of anointing oil. I have really used this one special little gift. Every single time we move to a new location, I pull out this special bottle, anoint my new home on the door posts, and ask for God's blessings upon our years in it. No, there is nothing magical in the oil at all. We would probably use plain old vegetable oil if I didn't have this little bottle of anointing oil. It's a symbolic declaration asking God to keep our home sacred, set apart, and dedicated to His service. To some, this may seem like a silly gesture, but to me, it's everything. I cannot bear to raise my family or run my home apart from God.
Today, I brought out the little bottle again, and anointed the door posts once more and asked for God's favor in selling our home. I am believing in faith that our house will sell, according to His will. My job is to sit back, wait, and not get in the way of His will. Easier said than done, no? But at least now, since I know that God is in this, and I have asked Him to be in this, it will be done.

And I am putting my little bottle away, to be brought out again before we step foot into our new home.

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Anna said...

I really enjoyed this post. Great gifts from your bridesmaids!

I am a firm believer in praying over the home and anointing it.

Once we were in TLF at a base and I felt such a weirdness in that place. Something really odd happened there as well and I could not wait to get out of that house.