Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goin at it alone...

I suppose I should talk a little bit about my husband's departure, now that I am done crying about it. Actually, I am not done crying about it, but am willing to accept the situation for what it is. And to learn.

My husband left on Sunday morning, shortly before the girls and I left for church. We decided that this would be the best way to do it so that the girls would have someplace that they enjoyed going, in order to minimize the tears. Our little plan worked out really well, as the little ones cried about 2 tears a piece, and I excused myself to the bathroom to cry my eyes out and then reapply my mascara. The girls had a good time at children's church, and had plenty to keep them busy. I, on the other hand, felt really odd having a totally empty spot next to me on the pew, no one was there to hold open my Bible while I nursed the baby, and no extra set of hands to round up the girls once the service was over.

The sermon was on the woman with the issue of the blood. Yep. A woman that was so desperate for healing that all she had to do was to touch the hem of His garment and she was healed. Although I didn't need any sort of physical healing, I felt moved to go to the alter, find the hem of his garment, and take that step of faith, in desperation, for the sale of our home. I cried out to Him and asked Him what I was to learn from this whole situation, and the image of my husband driving the car down the street flashed in my mind.

He was going ahead of us to prepare a place for us.

I was reminded of the words of Christ in John 14:3

How great is the love of God ( and my husband too!) to leave us here on this earth, to go to heaven to prepare a place for us! I have got to wonder if Jesus had a tear in His eye as he ascended into Heaven that day, as he left His friends and family behind? My husband sure did, as he drove off on Sunday. It must have been extremely difficult. Yeah, I know that Louisiana isn't Heaven, nor is my husband Jesus Christ, but you catch my drift, right?

Without this whole situation, I would never have gotten that beautiful image or lesson of Christ. Yes, LORD. I am willing to accept my circumstance and to learn. But I really do hope that this season for learning is over quickly.


Mocha with Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel for you as you are going through this transition. I pray that it is filled with God's peace.

Dutchy said...

Just need to give you and the girls a BIG cyber hug, jenny - girl.

You KNOW I love ya!!

Hugs to all from this Dutch girl :)