Tuesday, January 26, 2010

....to further embarrass my children.....

It is my hope that one day, when my children become fine young women and start to date that they shall bring their mates home to meet their mother and father.

And Eben and I will do what every good parent is supposed to do on such occasion.

Embarrass the heck out of them.

And this would make a good story.

This morning, before our schoolwork began, the house was quiet. A little toooooo quiet. And that's never a good thing, is it. So called to them that it was time to begin, The Big Apple came to the table, eager to begin. The Middle Apple, however, was silent and nowhere to be seen. So, I got The Big Apple started on her assignments and called The Middle Apple again...this time a little more threatening.

She finally emerged...but looking a little odd...like she had gotten into my lipstick.
Only I don't own purple lipstick.

I looked a little closer and realized she had broken blood vessels around her mouth. Like she had put something over her mouth and created suction....you know....a hickey!

So I asked her. "What did you have on your mouth?"

And the story came out....."Well, I didn't want to do my schoolwork. So I was hiding. And I put a plastic egg bottom over my mouth so I would be quiet and not talk."

So there you have it everyone. My daughter does not have a beard and mustache. That is, in fact a hickey on my 6 year old's mouth, and now you know how it got there. And I don't mind if you laugh about it, because I have laughed until the tears have rolled down my face about it.


Cajunrose said...

Oh my word....who would have thought. LOL I guess we WON'T be taking pictures of her this week! LOL

Melyssa said...


sorry.. same tears!

Anna said...

That is one of the funniest things EVER!!!!!! HYSTERICAL!!!!

cajunsis said...

OH My Gosh. How funny! I have never heard of such a thing! Wow. roflmao... roflmao... Oh my.