Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Came to our house.....

Christmas was and extraordinarily busy time around our house. Hence, the lack of posts. Here are a few picture updates.

There was LOTS of painting and decorating. The Little Apple gave little ornaments to all of her therapists and baskets of goodies.
There was a family-wide gingerbread house building party. Some did more eating than building. The Little Apple even participated.....standing up in a chair at the table, of course.

There was popcorn and cranberry stringing. The Middle and Big Apples decorated a tree outside for the birds and squirrels outside to enjoy. The critters munched the goodies faster than the girls could make them!!
There was lots of letter writing to Santa, of course. And cookies and hot cocoa left out for the famous big guy....on our plate that we keep especially for the guy.

This year, and elf came to stay. This is Rosey. She comes and spies on the kids during the day, and reports back to Santa if the kids have been naughty or nice. Every morning Rosie finds a new hiding spots. The Apples have enjoyed looking for Rosey every morning. On Christmas Day, Rosey was found praying next to the manger containing Baby Jesus. A perfect reminder of whose birthday we are really celebrating.
Yummmmy, gingerbread man baking.

And a birthday cake for Jesus, of course. We decided that this year, Jesus wanted Angel Cake. This little plastic nativity seen here is one of my most prized possessions. My sister and I spent our own dollars that we had when we were very little to purchase the pieces for my Mamaw. She kept these as treasures at her house....she never put them away, left them out all year long. They have been played with for many hours by many children. Mary is missing her hands, and the paint is worn off in many places, but the love is still the same.

And, our Christmas Tree. And of course there is a big story to go with it this year. Our Christmas is NEVER this big. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Usually, the girls get 3 gifts a piece. After all, Jesus only got 3 presents for his birthday.....and he was the King! This year, after all of the Christmas shopping had been done, the UPS man pulled up to our house. He knocks on the door and asks me to sign his little doohicky thing. I was confused, because I hadn't ordered anything online and wasn't expecting anything at all.

The UPS guy brought 3 MASSIVE boxes to the door. I opened them and found present after beautiful present addressed to the kids. The mail lady came shortly later, with a big gift card addressed to me and Eben, to purchase our Christmas dinner. The next day, 3 more large boxes, and another gift card came. And the following day, one more box arrived. After a little investigation, we found out that our family was submitted to the Soldier's Angels program and that we had been adopted. This was totally unexpected and made us feel very very humbled and appreciated. This has inspired us to to be more generous in our own giving at Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend it with people that they love. We certainly did.


Melyssa said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. What a Christmas! I love hearing fun traditions (like Rosey) and store them away. If one day I am blessed with Children I want to have tons of traditions at the holidays!

cajunsis said...

What a great and exciting post. I am so glad you were blessed with being an angel family - and what a special gift for the holiday. Sounds like you had a wonderful Jesus' birthday. Hug the girls for us.