Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Cast Lady.....

You may call me THE CAST LADY.

The first time The Big Apple broke her arm, I was a little sad...but hey, kids break arms, right? So we made lemonades out of lemons and decorated the cast with as much bling as we could find.

The SECOND time she broke it, just two weeks after getting her first cast off, I was a little more upset. I sighed deeply, shed a little tear and went back to the craft store for more decorations.
When the orthopedist saw what I had done with the purple one. , he offered me a table at the office to decorate casts of patients twice a month. I had to decline, as I was a busy mother and knew my limits.

Having learned my lesson with the first broken arm, I asked if The Big Apple could be left in a wrist cast for an additional amount of time. I'm glad he was in favor of my idea, and that the Big Apple wanted a red one...because I had been dying to make a Ladybug cast. This one was my favorite.
So, by that time, I was an old pro at arm casts. I decorated a few of The Apple Dumpling's friends' casts when they asked. It was then time to try bigger and grander casts. The Middle Apple was happy to oblige my cast fettish, by refusing to give up toe walking by the age of 4, so we casted her too. And decorated accordingly. This one wore clothes. What do you mean you've never seen a little girl wear a mermaid on her legs before?!?! Well, now you have.
And when wearing casts on your legs, you must accessorize with jewels and of course get a pedicure.
So, now since I have brought you up to date on all of my cast decorations, I introduce my latest cast creations. (drumroll please.......)

Probably the best decorating I can do for him and he still be in uniform code. But he better watch out, I'm coming after him with the glue gun and jewels in the middle of the night if he doesn't act right.


cajunsis said...

YiKers! What happened to him?? I hope he heals quickly and all is well. Love all the cast decorations - you definitely need a job doing that :-)

Karee said...

I knew you were oh so creative!

applesofgold said...

meh...he bwoke his wittle thumb playing flag football with the unit. Seriously, when did flag football become such a contact sport?

hip chick said...

Well, you are very talented. And, it is nice of your family to encourage you that way.
Did I tell you my son is stationed on the LeGare (sp)? He just left for Cartihania among other places. So far he likes the Coast Guard.

Designs by JoLea said...

Girl, I MISS you!!! Laughing through the tears - how do you have so much fun with what everyone else would think of as a string of really bad circumstances? I'm in Awe, really, I am.