Thursday, May 21, 2009

Presidential Sighting!

There was an Honor's Assembly at The Big Apple school today. The Big Apple, in spite of her behavior in school and dislike of the environment, has worked extremely hard. I am beyond proud of her. Even if she didn't get any awards in anything at all, I am proud of what she has accomplished and learned this year. But this post isn't about The Big Apple, nor the fact she took home 4 awards, including being one of only 11 kids in the entire school to make the Principal's List. No, this post isn't about that. This post is about The Middle Apple.

The funny moment of the day, occurred a few moments before the assembly began, when all of the students had filed in and were instructed to be quiet for the ceremony. I brought the Middle and the Little apples with me to the assembly, simply because I believed that they could handle it. *snicker* Think again.

It was at that moment that the Middle Apple, with her extremely boisterous voice, yells out "LOOK!!!! I see Barack Obama!"

So of course, every person in the entire room was looking wildly around for a glimpse of our President. For half a second, I believed that I would turn around and get clobbered by a Agent of the Secret Service. For just another fraction of a second, I imagined in my mind that the President had chosen this little school in our town to make a media appearance. Hey! It could happen!

Then my darling daughter exclaims, "There he is! On that shirt right there!"

Sure enough, on someone's shirt is a picture of the President of the United States. Kudos to the Middle Apple for being able to identify a picture of the President! Bonus points for being able to elevate your voice to speak to an entire room of people. But I have to subtract points for embarrassing me in front of a cafeteria full of teachers, parents and students.

My Middle Apple is always so full of life and impulsive things to say. It's part of that PDD-NOS thing. After I get past the initial shock and embarrassment of what she comes up with to say, I've find the humor in it. I just love my Middle Apple.

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