Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's been MANY MANY weeks since I have done a Not Me Monday post...Not familiar with Not Me Monday, you say? Well, put your coffee cup down and head on over to MckMama's Blog and read all about it. They are a hoot! These are my own real life confessions...hidden behind a "not me, I didn't do it, no way" attitude.

I DID NOT totally abandon my blog for many weeks under the pretense that I was too busy to post. I would never sit and spend countless hours on Facebook, when I could be writing in my blog.

Last Friday, I most certainly DID NOT jump fully clothed into a swimming pool . And I didn't pull my own child coughing and sputtering out of the water....oh no. I am a good Coast Guard wife, and all of my children know how to swim *cough* Where is that phone number for the public pool again? I need to sign someone up for lessons.

I DID NOT pay $1 to my 7 year old to sit inside the baby's play yard in the dining room and keep the baby company so that I could take a shower. And I didn't get my money's worth either by taking time out to shave my legs and condition my hair.

I DID NOT literally do a happy dance in the street when I had to drop my daughter off to school and were informed that school had been cancelled because of a bomb threat. I didn't look foolish high fiving my 1st grader, while the other parents scrambled to find childcare for the day. I was a good mother and shushed my child's jubilation immediately.

When my girls got new shoes from Singapore this week, I really DID NOT let them sleep in them when they insisted on wearing them to bed. Responsible moms make their children wear pajamas and barefeets to bed. NEVER gorgeous sequined and beaded shoes. And everyone knows that I am THE MOST RESPONSIBLE mom ever. Really.

Finally, I would NEVER intentionally link MckMama's blog back to my entire blog and not just the Not Me post because I think that you all will be bless to read about my Mother's Day present. It didn't make me bawl my eyes out or anything. I would NEVER do something so shameless and selfish as to want to share that blessing.

If you liked this Not Me post, if it made you grin even a little bit, visit My Charming Kids and join in the blog carnival! It's a blast!

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