Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Angels in Heaven have smiled upon me.....

Otherwised titled....There is a God, and He really cares about me and my whiney little needs.

Many of you will remember this post (click here) where I described with weeping and gnashing of teeth my whoas of my kitchen. Every single time that I turned on the dishwasher in this house, and heard the sounds of grinding metal and dying camel, I prayed for the dishwasher to die.

And die it did.

One day after washing a particularly dreadful load of dishes, the blasted machine gave up the ghost and refused to drain, and refused to even turn on. I did a happy dance as my husband called our Landlady to tell her that the dishwasher's time had come. I sung "Ding Dong the Dishwasher is Dead!" (think Wizard of Oz) when the repairman came out and said that the ancient machine was not worth repairing.

And today, the new dishwasher came. Shining new, in all it's glory. Granted, it's not the dishwasher I would have chosen (I might have chosen a bare chested Italian man, myself!), but any dishwasher is better than what we had. So, with that being said, I introduce my new Dishwasher.
I have named her Patience. Is it wrong to name a dishwasher? Well, it's my blog, and I'm naming my dishwasher on it. (ps....on my blog, I weigh 115 pounds too!) Patience, because through prayer and faithfully waiting, I got my reward. I would like to point out that with Patience, I am now able to open up my drawer and cabinet, where I was not able to do that before. Thank you God, for my new dishwasher. I will take care of Patience, and make sure she gets all the dirty dishes that her little heart desires.


hip chick said...

ooh she is so pretty...maybe not quite as pretty as the Italian guy but still...I bet she works harder in the long run.

Gina said...

Go Patience!

Maybe next time you'll get your Italian guy! ;-)