Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Kitchens.....

At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I must blog some more about my kitchen. On Christmas day, I dedicated my post on the joys of my oven. The lovely oven.

So, maybe I am a bit spoiled. But I do think I deserve to whine just a tiny bit. Will you allow me to do that, just for a wee minute? Thank you.

So, here is my kitchen that I just left in NC.....(please cue up the heavenly angel choir singing an alleluia chorus)
Yes, probably the most beautiful kitchen I will ever have the honor of cooking in. The most thoughtfully layed out, solidly made (yeah, look at those solid oak cabinets!), and spacious kitchen I will ever own. *sigh* I loved this kitchen.

And then there is this kitchen. (please cue up the polka music!)Oh wait. I like polka reminds me so much of our years in Minnesota.....Well, cue the cheesy music anyhow.... *sigh of discontent*

There is not much counter space to prep on. There is so-so storage space. No sprayer on the sink. The dishwasher was installed as an afterthought in the bar area, and you cannot unload it in the cabinets nearby when it is open. Ugh. Then there is this:
It's location....those cabinets in the corner? You can't open them unless the dishwasher is open. Don't get me started on how it sounds when you turn it on....kind of like a cross between herd of dying camels and the Indy 500. Love that!

Today took the cake though. I made a beautiful batch of chili and put it in the crockpot to cook all day. Yum. I took off to meet a friend for a playdate (Thanks Stephenie! We had a really great time!) expecting to return to a aroma filled house and a dinner ready for the table.

Instead, when I returned home in the afternoon, I found a stone cold crockpot. And a faulty electrical outlet. And an uncooked dinner. I felt almost as bad as Ralphie from A Christmas Story when the Bumpasses' dogs ran off with the Christmas Turkey.

I miss my old kitchen. *whine*


Cajunrose said...

Welcome to Morgan City sweetie..rofl Hate to tell you..the dishwasher/cabinet door problem is a common one.
Hope the place grows on you!


astzt1027 said...

Aww, you have some horrible kitchen karma going on there.

hip chick said...

aawww....I'm sorry honey. And, to come home to no chili is just like rubbing salt in the wound.

The Ties that Bind Us said...

Fa ra ra ra ra - ra ra ra ra! I couldn't resist...if you love the movie as much as we do!