Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For you, Mama.....

Nothing beats Cheerios. Nothing. It's baby's first finger food, of course!

The Little Apple has been feasting on Cheerios for a few months now. Actually, Cheerios is more like her appitizer. I throw some on her little tray while I prepare the rest of her meal. She munches and cruches happily away.

As I was fixing dinner a few days ago, I glanced over at her, and she is making those cute baby babble noises to catch my attention. She is also reaching out as far as her little pink high chair will let her, and in her hand was her little offering of a Cheerio. Her face was bright and sweet...that toothless smile grinning at me seemed to say "I saved this last one for you, Mama."

Of course, I crossed the room to her, opened my mouth wide, and allowed her to feed me her very last crunchy treat. I smacked my lips and dramatically chewed that tiny piece of cereal as my sweet baby girl laughed and laughed.

It's the tiny moments like these, that make the long sleepless nights with a fever sick baby worth it. These little sweet moments totally overshadow the dirty diapers, endless piles of laundry, and baby toys that I trip over as I make my way to the coffee pot in the morning.

I love being a mom.
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Anna said...

Yum!!! I would gladly eat a cheerio even if it is slightly mushy... if I could hear some sweet baby babble!

jamiely78 said...

Very sweet! I love those moments. They do make it all worth while.

*** Kelly Maria said...

Awww, How sweet!! I remember those little moments!! Makes me wish my kidos were still little.
Kelly Marai

Princess Of Pink said...

AAAWWW SO sweet, Jenny!!
Give her (and the other apples too) a big hug from their Dutch "auntie".

Hugs from me

Cajunrose said...

That is so sweet!!!!!!!

I'm so glad she is feeling better!

Hilary said...

Oh, I know just what you mean. :-)I love being a mom too.

Ellen said...

Cheerios must be all babies first finger food! They almost should change the name of Cheerios to "Life Savers" (if that name wasn't alread taken ;)