Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This should really be a NOT ME post....or otherwise titled "Stumbling Through Life"

This really should be a NOT ME post, but since it's not Monday, I can't do that. But I did want to clue you in on just how my week has been so far....And it's only half over.

I embarrassed myself completely doing these things:

1) Monday, I picked up my friend to go to the Walmart to go shopping. When we got there, I discovered that my wallet was missing from my diaper bag. I panicked. We drove to my house where I frantically started searching the house and the van. Then I started making phone calls to the places where I had been earlier, and looking up bank account information, just in case someone had my card. My husband reaches into my diaper bag, digs around a little and pulls out my wallet. It had been there all along. Doh!

2) Tuesday, I lost my cell phone at the library. Actually it wasn't at the library, it was in the floor of my van where I couldn't see it.

3) While I was at the library, I purchased a massive amount of books from their discard pile. When I carried them out to my car, I bent down and attempted to balance my stack of books and unlock the van door. The books toppled over and the majority of them slid underneath my van. Guess who had to LAY DOWN IN THE PARKING LOT to get them out from under? Yep. Me.

4) Wednesday, I went back to the Walmart to buy some diapers. Totally slipped my mind all 3 times that I have been at the store this week to buy the baby something to cover her bottom with. But anyway, while I was there, I found a book that I had been looking for for sometime and I am on the waiting list for at the library. Feeling the need to treat myself generously, I threw the book in my cart with great satisfaction. I found some freetime this afternoon and figured I could cozy up and read a few pages of it. I sat down with my coffee and the title, only to discover that IT WAS IN SPANISH! ugh. I can read a bit of spanish, but not quite enough to enjoy a 500 page novel.

So....any ideas about what can possibly happen to me the rest of this week? Anyone?


jamiely78 said...

Oh my! You do deserve to curl up with a good English. Hope the rest of the week goes well.

astzt1027 said...

*Hugs* I have not only had weeks like that, I have had months like that. Hum, I wonder if that is something I got from you... *contemplates assigning blame*