Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Did you hear me calling you? My Mama made me stand outside and scream as loud as I could "Tooth Fairy! I LOST A TOOTH!" over and over again. Mama and Daddy stayed inside the house and laughed really hard. Here is a picture of me screaming for you to come to our house.
I had a nice time making that tooth fairy pillow with Mama too. The blue fabric was from the curtains from my nursery when I was a baby. The fairy pocket, I picked it out because you are the tooth fairy, and I thought that it was pretty.
But Tooth Fairy, I have to ask you. Did you have to leave SO MUCH pixie dust when you came to visit me? My Mama is going to be vacuuming glitter for days! And there is just tons of it in my bed! Did you stop to take a rest in my bed?
See you for tooth #2, Mrs. Tooth Fairy, it's already loose.
The Big Apple
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Princess Of Pink said...

Oh my Gosh, Jenny that is too sweet! Did she get a quarter or did the inflation hit the tooth fairy too??

Hugs from Marian

astzt1027 said...

Just wait until she asks for an increase because of the economy.

Hilary said...

I love how her feet are off the ground in that picture. Priceless! You are a great mom, Jenny. :-)

Anna said...

Very cute! But... is she going to think she needs to yell for the tooth fairy everytime?! What if she insists on yelling for the fairy when it is raining!? :) I think that you did a great job! It is hard getting that glitter right in the dark. I do understand that! :De