Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We interrupt this blog to bring you.... announcement from The Middle Apple.

Go ahead, you have the mic.

Hello?!?!?!? Is this thing working?!?!?!? Good. Because I don't want anyone to miss this. I learned how to do this really neat thing today. And I want you all to see it.

Today I sat down and did this to my shoes.

Then, I made a loop. Then I wrapped it around.

Finally, I pulled the string though the hole. And pulled.

Are you proud of me? I am. Okay, Mama, you can have your blog back now.

Why thank you, darlin'. I am very proud of what you learned to do today. Now you are in charge of teaching the Little Baby Apple to tie her's, okay? Love you!


astzt1027 said...

Way to go! I love the ring on her finger while she is tying the shoe.

Anna said...

SUPER cute!!!

Great Job!!!!

Ellen said...

Quite an accomplishment! To be honest, I can't remember my oldest learning that...but he did...'cause he (at 26 years old) can! I do, however, remember my younger one was in the middle of a store. We had been working on it...and suddenly, he got it!