Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday...evening edition....

It's the Monday Bloggey Carnival, hosted by MckMama! Weekly, we confess our shortcomings, shrouded by "Not Me". There is NO WAY I did any of these things this week.

This week, I was certainly not complimented on my grandchildren while waiting at the deli at the Walmart. And I was not the least bit offended as I explained to her that my 3 CHILDREN are a blessing to the age of 33. I certainly did not run home and cry on my husband's shoulder for almost an hour after that.

I most certainly DID NOT wake an hour earlier the next day and take special precautions so that I would not be called a grandmother again...I didn't shower, shave my legs, apply a bunch of make-up (including lipstick!) and a set of nice brightly colored clothing just for a playdate at McDonalds.

My feelings were not a little bit hurt when 23 invitations went out at my daughter's school last week for her birthday party, and only 2 from her class showed up. No, I let that just roll off my back...BUT, I wasn't secretly relieved that the party was low key and easy.

I was so prepared for this party. I most certainly remembered everything that I needed that day....I would never forget to pack matches to light the birthday candle, nor would I even think of forgetting something to cut the cake with. Nope! Not me!

I certainly DID NOT lose my 5 year old for 10 minutes at the same birthday party. She didn't run off and get lost while we were searching for something to light the candle with. And she certainly WAS NOT found about a quarter mile away ankle deep in the lake. No, I claim to be a perfect parent that can keep track of all of her kids all the time.

Finally, I most certainly DID NOT get so frustrated with my baby blowing baby food all over me today, that I did not just roll her high chair right out of the kitchen, into the hallway and put her in the time out corner. And I certainly DID NOT laugh with my other children so hard that DID NOT dribble in my undies with tears running down my face.

So, tell me about your week? What have you Not Done? Want to read more hilarious people and their Not Me posts? Head on over to MckMama's Blog, and enjoy!


Hilary said...

Jenny, you are awesome. :-)

Ellen said...

This is just so funny! LOL! I can't help but laugh!

Anna said...

Oh... my!!! LOL... you are so funny Jenny!!!