Friday, March 14, 2008

Little funny of the day....

We went out for Mexican food for dinner this evening (Yum!) I am so done with being pregnant, that maybe a huge chicken burrito would put me over the top and into labor. No such luck tonight. But I had to share a fast funny moment about my older daughter.

During our dinner, she turns to the occupants of our table and announces "I can sing the alphabet in a different languange!" So, of course, we encourage her to entertain us. She takes a deep breath, and launches into The ABC's in a high pitched, squeaky sound. When she finished, she said "That is the ABC's in mouse talk!" Of course, we all laugh.

A minute later, after she has cleared her mouth of tortilla chips, my daughter announces "I can also burp the alphabet!"

Mortified, I told her, "Please don't do it here, but tell me where you learned it?"

She looked at me, her big ol' smile on her face and replied "From YOU, Mama! No, wait! I am just joking!"


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