Saturday, March 1, 2008

Conversations with comedians....

I have really really funny children. They must get their comic routines from their father, because I don't think that I have even a tiny bit of funny bone in my body. Sure, I love to laugh, but I'm not generally the source of comic relief in this household. The only times I am ever the funny person is when I have done something dumb without even trying. Like the time I almost electrocuted my husband....He was trying to get a broken lightbulb unstuck with a pair of pliers...I accidentally turned on the light switch because the room was too dark for my husband to see what he was doing. We laugh about it now, but it wasn't very funny at the time.

Here are a few moments from my little ones that I wanted to share here....

Last week, my 2nd daughter comes to me and states "Mama, there are no horses in the desert."
Me: "Oh, there aren't?"
DD2: "No, there's no horses, so they ride cannibals."

I have watched my children imitate video game ever seen a 5 year old "buff" herself like a paladin, while she is riding a tricycle? Or create a masterpiece in water color, only to inform you that it's a murloc? (only people that have played World of Warcraft will find this funny)

DD1 sometimes graces the breakfast table dressed as her favorite character. One morning, it was Cinderella. I happened to be serving oatmeal for breakfast that morning. She scooped up a very very large bite and put it in her mouth. And then she picked that particular moment to sneeze. Not just a little sneeze, but the kind NASA uses to launch rockets into orbit. That sneeze had some power because Cinderella doused the table, chairs, me, herself, and anything in a 10 yard radius in Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal. Her response: "Oh look, Cinder-oatmeal strikes again!"

Speaking of breakfast....We eat what the children call "Cream of Meat" instead of Cream of Wheat. We eat French Toes. Sometimes they request green eggs, scrambled. Other times, cereal is requested to be served with a fork, or a measuring spoon, heck, they have even asked to eat using a serving spoon....just to be different.

I love my job. I get to be the mama, and I get to live in a house full of hilarious people, and I get to laugh every single day. Sure, I have my moments where I do want to hang up the towel and trade places with almost any adult that gets to work outside of the home....but miss any of these precious moments? I don't think so.

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Anna said...

Oh, too funny! I got everyone of them too. I especially liked the Cinder Oatmeal comment though.