Thursday, February 4, 2010

So this is what 8 feels like.......

"So, this is what 8 feels like...." ~~~The Big Apple, (Feb. 3rd, 2010)

It feels like going out for your birthday at Incredible Pizza, and discovering that even the signs on the wall are all about you. It feels like playing Skiball with your many times as you want.
It feels like shooting hoops, and actually making some.

It feels like going bowling......

and shooting. (Her daddy would be so proud.) And he bought her a BB gun for her birthday, but we are waiting until he gets back from his trip to give it to her.
Being 8 feels like go-kart racing with your friends, and coming in dead last...but you don't mind because even the employees at Incredible Pizza will drive you around because they know it's your birthday and want you to have a blast.

The Big Apple turned 8 years old yesterday. It was a bittersweet, but perfect day.

She finished off the day by spilling over a box of my tampons in the bathroom at bedtime, and asked what they were. I asked her if she felt grown up enough to know, and she said she was. And I guess that 8 years old is old enough, because I sat her down and gave her just enough information for an 8 year old to know, and as scientific and factual as I could be because I know how her brain works....and instead of her being horrified about the prospect of growing and changing...she asked some very good questions and thought the whole monthly thing was kind of cool.

My little girl is growing up at lightning speed....and as sad as that makes me, I am beyond proud of her and am enjoying every single second of it.

I need to hear from some of my bloggers.....when did you first start telling your kids about the facts of life? I'm hoping that I didn't start too early...I just saw an open window for information last night and went for it.


Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Biggest Apple!!

Jenny, Leah has already asked what tampons are for, and I told her medically, straightforwardly, what they were for. She didn't seem too phased either way. She knows how baby animals are born and has seen step-by-step pics of animal births, but NOT "how" they are made. :-)

I guess I figure when they ask, that's when they're ready to know.

I asked my mom when I was 10 b/c my older sister had just gotten her period. I wanted to know about periods, not about EVERYTHING, but my mom told me everything at that point, and not enough about how to take care of a period either... THAT I wasn't ready for!

Anonymous said...

Hei Big Apple.
Gratulerer med dagen.
That means happy birthday, from Norway where this message comes from. Sounds like you had a great birthday.
Love Oddvei in Mitford with your mom

Designs by JoLea said...

Nah - not too early at all. We need to answer their questions when they ask them. I think my oldest was about 8 when he started asking, and now that's he's eleven and really getting curious, it's nice to know that I'm still the one he wants to talk to about it.