Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing bug...

My friend got a new sewing machine.....a really really nice one. Then she started cranking out some super cute new skirts for her daughter. This sparked the sewing bug. So I had to see if I could make some super cute skirts too. This is what I have been busy making these last couple of weeks. (and I'm posting this mostly for my non-facebook friends, since these pics have been plastered all over facebook for a while now)

The first thing I worked on was a bedding set for The Big Apple. She wanted something special for her American Girl doll... so special it was. I let her pick the fabric out at the store, and to my surprise...she didn't pick her favorite color (pink), she picked blue!Then, I made her a skirt. She picked pretty much ever scrap of blue fabric that I had in the craft closet, and I turned it into a skirt. It's her new favorite skirt. I have to sneak into her room at night and wash it, and return it in the morning. She likes it THAT MUCH.

Then, the Middle Apple claimed that she NEEDED a skirt too. Now those of you who know my Middle Apple know what her personality is like. It's bold. It's loud. She speaks her mind. So, she chose fabrics accordingly. Yup. Purple cheetah and black. Definitely makes a statement, don't you think?
The Wee Little Apple got the last skirt. I found this cute print in the remnant bin at the craft store and whipped this skirt out in a couple of hours. It's by far my favorite.
So now that I have been bit by the sewing bug, and I've had some practice on the remnants and rags laying around the house, I think I'm finally ready to start cutting some of my nicer fabrics that I have picked up. Can't wait to see what I can make next!!!!

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cajunsis said...

Love the skirts - you did a great job on all of them :-)