Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

I don't participate in Not Me Monday very often. But I had to confess this one, because it is eating me up inside.

I simply did not lose track of my baby during my oldest child's birthday party at the bowling alley....and I absolutely DID NOT find her playing underneath some scaffolding where someone was messing around with lighting and sound equipment. And one of my friends most certainly DID NOT take a picture of it. I am the most responsible parent I know of, and would NEVER stop for a second to dance at my daughter's birthday party. And I'm am NOT posting this picture as proof that I was actually at the birthday party.

And finally, I did not grin from ear to ear when my husband wanted to purchase The Big Apple a BB gun for her birthday. I did not totally laugh my head off when upon opening her gift did the words "But girls aren't allowed to shoot guns!" Furthermore, I did NOT give her and her daddy the "thumbs up" when he took her outside, and began giving her her first lessons in safety....and her taking down the target.
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Melyssa said...


And you should tell the Big Apple that girls actually shoot better than boys (lower center of gravity!)

applesofgold said...

yeah, we let her know.....I'm actually a better shot than my husband....we were in a little competition a while back and I scored better than he did :)

Jenilee said...

cute! my hubby can't wait to get my girls some guns. one day... :)