Thursday, December 25, 2008

My oven came over on the Mayflower....

Well, it might have come over on the Mayflower, but I am sure that if the Pilgrims had actually tried to cook with this oven they would have tossed it overboard before they left the harbor.
I am trying very hard not to complain about my new status as a *cough* renter...but some things I think need to be addressed publically. Like this oven, for instance. It is really really old. Like Dinosaur old. And I need to whine just a bit because if you know me at all, I do like to bake. And this oven barely fits a cookie sheet. I had to purchase new cookie sheets to fit this oven. That is truly a sad circumstance to live with.
Today, Christmas morning, I preheated this archaic beast to 325 to cook the Christmas turkey. I put in my savory bird and closed the oven door. It had a locking feature thing on it, so I thought to myself "Wow! A lock! That could be handy because I have a baby and 2 small curious children!" and I locked the oven door, and went on with preparations with the rest of the Christmas Feast.
About an hour later, I started wondering why my kitchen didn't smell like cooking turkey. So I decided to check on the bird. I opened the oven door and discovered that the oven was stone cold. And so was my turkey.
Come to find out that the oven temp turns itself off when you lock the door. Go figure. And now Christmas dinner will be late, but we now have a new fun story in our collection of Louisiana memories.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
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Anna said...

My oven in OK had that feature now that I think about it, but it was a brand new very nice oven. I did have to use that locking feature when I used the self cleaning feature. I wonder if that is what yours is for? That is the only time I was supposed to use that on my oven.

Cajunrose said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas despite the dinosaur! I can't wait to meet you. I'm going out of town tomorrow for a week or so but lets try to get together when I get back!

Scooter said...

HA! Reminds me of when we moved here and I became the proud owner of the original Brady Bunch kitchen, complete with dark cabinets, orange (ORANGE!) counters and olive green appliances. Our first Thanksgiving, I was all excited to host our family, and bought a beautiful new roasting pan for my beautiful turkey. Got up early, prepped that gorgeous bird, put it in my beautiful new roasting pan, and realized as I went to put it in the oven that it.wouldn' The handles on the pan made it too wide to fit the oven.


So, I took my gorgeous turkey out of the pan, the Swede took the pan down to the basement and cut the handles off.

Yeah, not pretty. But now the pan fit. It just didn't fit my Martha Stewart ideology as far as table-appearance goes ...

*** Kelly Maria said...

If it helps.. I also have one of those PREHISTORIC DINOS in my kitchen. But no lock on it... PTL!
Would love to replace it, but as long as it heats, etc... I doubt hubby will!!
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!!
~Kelly Maria

astzt1027 said...

Don't feel bad. When we bought our house two years ago, it took one bad meal to realize that the knob that you adjust for cook, broil, time bake, and clean was on skewy. Skewy meaning that cook was actually between time bake and clean. I think that first meal was actually broiled instead of baked.

It only took Greg a year to figure out how to pull of the knob and reset to properly so that people would stop trying to "adjust my stove" for me.